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Wi-Fi Nerds

Trust in Ensign…The Wi-Fi Nerds!

Welcome to the refreshed Ensign Communications Wi-Fi, Wireless Networking and Network Security blog.

Here at Ensign we have been very busy creating a brand new platform through which to provide you with the very latest news, product reviews, how-to(s) and overviews of all things Wi-Fi, Wireless LAN, Network Security and Data Capture related.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Experts (Nerds)

The depth of Wireless LAN and RF knowledge within the Ensign team is second-to-none and we think it’s increasingly important for us to share some of this expertise.

With so much ‘noise’ out there about wireless networking, it can be difficult to know who and what information to trust. Plus, nerds are cool. Right?…

So, what makes us any different?

We believe that our client base speaks for itself; Ensign work with a wide range of customers, from large multinational blue chip companies to local SME’s, within a number of industry sectors. Our broad understanding of RF behaviour, wireless LAN design and installation, as well as data capture, systems integration and support services makes us – we like to think – the complete enterprise networking partner.

Wi-Fi & Wireless LAN (If We Don’t Know it, it Ain’t Worth Knowing)

Wi-Fi and RF behaviour can vary dramatically, depending on the environment in which it is being deployed, and knowing how to overcome the many obstacles that can be detrimental to wireless performance is the key to reliable and robust enterprise networks. We have deployed wireless solutions within many hostile and potentially troublesome working environments, including industrial warehouses, listed historic buildings and expansive outdoor spacesif you need help, we’re always up for a good ‘head-scratch ‘or ‘chin-rub’ inducing networking conundrum!

  • Look out… for blog posts featuring our take on breaking Wi-Fi and wireless LAN industry news, the latest product reviews and technology specific overviews.

Rugged Data Capture  

Keeping track of inventory and valuable business data is a growing concern for many time-constrained businesses as automated systems improve upon outdated paper-based ones. A far more accurate and cost effective solution, utilising the latest data capture, scanning and printing technologies, helps our customers to simplify and streamline their day-to-day operations.

  • Look out… for the latest rugged data capture product reviews, technology overviews, industry trends and other interesting stuff!   

Network Security

We live in a world where access to Wi-Fi is almost a given, irrespective of our location; which is wonderful as it keeps us all employed! But – there’s always a but – with increased network access via a multitude of mobile devices comes a huge and varying number of security concerns. Having super-fast wireless, high-performance, pervasive Wi-Fi coverage and sophisticated guest access management is nothing without the correct degree of security to back it all up.

Having worked within the highest levels of government, and accredited by CESG (the information security arm of GCHQ), we think we’re pretty well positioned to give valuable network security advice to those who need it most.

  • Look out… for expert advice on keeping your business data safe from the latest cyber-threats.

Our Industry Partnerships

Having the best network design in world means very little if the technology holding it all together is not up to the job. For this reason we are proud to be partnered with the industry’s leading vendors, allowing us to provide our customers with the latest hardware and software for the whole gamut of potential networking needs and requirements.

What’s Coming Next?

So, now that we have been fully introduced, what can you expect next from Ensign’s team of nerds and our Wi-Fi blog?

We often receive enquiries about outdoor Wi-Fi and outdoor wireless networking – it’s capabilities and costs, etc – so we thought an introduction to wireless mesh networks would be a great way to answer some of our most frequently asked questions. Coming very soon…

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