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Some pictures from our guys up North

Date March 14, 2013 Author Comments Leave your thoughts Gregg Meade

Ensign continue to work closely with the Peel Ports group as they expand their operation at Liverpool’s Mersey Docks. A high-performance wireless network is critical to the day-to-day operation of the rapidly growing port and, as our guys are proving, no obstacle is too great when connecting the 120 acre... View Article

iPads in education…

Date January 17, 2013 Author Comments Leave your thoughts Gregg Meade

So, it seems the post-PC era is well and truly upon us, with an increasing number of organisations heavily investing in systems and strategies to support the BYOD culture and webmasters looking with unprecedented fervour into optimizing their sites for mobile applications. Perhaps the most telling evidence of this technology... View Article

What On Earth Is 802.11?

Date September 26, 2012 Author Comments Leave your thoughts Gregg Meade

What on earth is 802.11? Like it or not, the technology industry is infamous for its acronyms and seemingly nonsensical letters and numbers to denote products and specifications. This, for some of us, can often be alienating and can make ‘keeping up’ decidedly difficult. Help is at hand! As well... View Article