Cisco Acquire Sourcefire for 2.7 Billion Dollars

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Could this be the perfect time to migrate to Next-Generation Firewalls?

The world of advanced network security is altering rapidly as the weapons used on both sides of the battle become ever more sophisticated. Cyberattackers and advanced persistent threats (APTs) are evolving, and in doing so are presenting network security vendors and CIOs alike with a fresh set of challenges.

The good news is that Palo Alto Networks have developed a market leading firewall solution, more than capable of dealing with malicious attacks on your precious business data.

With ground breaking policy enforcement that is based on users, their applications, and content, as opposed to merely IP address (as with traditional stateful firewall models), Palo Alto’s Next Generation firewalls are built to protect enterprise networks from the modern threat landscape. Taking this divergent approach to threat prevention has gained Palo Alto a great deal of industry notoriety, and propelled them to ‘leader’ status within Gartner’s 2013 enterprise firewall magic quadrant.

Palo Alto firewalls boast the only next-generation security platform which controls the entire lifecycle of modern advanced persistent threats (those that are designed to steel valuable data rather than causing harm to the network) by…

  • Actively ‘sandboxing’ targeting malware
  • Granular control of custom malware protocols, persistence tools and C2
  • Contextual decryption of SSL traffic

Palo Alto’s next generation firewalls simplify overall security by taking a comprehensive and integrated approach, which enables unified safe application enablement policies to be applied to all of your enterprise offices, data centres and end-users.

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