B2B Tweets; Why We Do It & Why You Should Too

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Business to Business b2b Twitter

Now I know that this is primarily a technology-focused blog but I’d like to switch things up a little and talk to you about marketing…it’s relevant, I promise!

Before you turn your noses up – or is it too late? – there is method to my unexpected theme-change-madness. The reason we, among many other business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organisations, regularly update a blog is that it gives us a chance to engage with our customers and other like-minded soles on a non-corporate level.

Doing so can work wonders in breaking down the barriers that often exist between businesses and their customers, both existing and prospective.

But what about social media platforms; which ones work best and which ones should be avoided? Sometimes a blanket approach to social media is just not the way to go.

Ensign’s on-going social media journey has certainly been one of discovery and, I hope, one that shows even businesses that appear to be ‘niche’ on the surface can in fact offer a great deal to a variety of audiences.

Twitter for Business

For the purpose of this blog, I’d like to use Twitter as an example and bit of a case study. It is a format that on paper might have seemed a bit mad – what? only 140 characters?  – but it works for all kind of businesses…it’s just about finding your ‘voice’ and a community who want to listen, or at the very least have a passing interest in what you have to say.

Who Cares?

If you read our blogs regularly you’ll know that our staff have a broad range of experience and expertise in many different areas of wireless networking, Wi-Fi, barcoding and wireless connectivity in general…but – to put it bluntly – who cares?

Our challenge as a business, and mine as a marketeer, is to find a channel for this wealth of knowledge that is both useful and engaging as opposed to a simple ‘look at us, we know stuff’ ‘scatter-gun approach….after all, no one likes a (gun toting) show-off.

What became clear was that, although Ensign operates within the B2B technology solutions space, our solutions are often designed to benefit not only our customers but their customers too. In this there was an obvious correlation between what we do and the shape of the consumer Wi-Fi market. People may not consider this when they log-on to a coffee shop or high-street store Wi-Fi network but, contrary to popular belief, it’s not all voodoo and Wi-Fi fairies. And, besides all that, we are ultimately consumers too; we get just as excited about new technology releases and iPhone bug-fixes as the next guy…(no? just me…).

Let’s face it, B2B Wi-Fi may be somewhat niche, but the consumer market has got to be one of the most buoyant of our time (or any time for that matter). With each of us carrying an average of three Wi-Fi mobile devices at all times, the requirement for fast, robust and secure network connections shows no sign of yielding. What we do is inextricably linked to consumer Wi-Fi technology and thus our unique take on the market as  whole can – we hope – provide some insight and value to ‘techies’ and ‘non-techies’ alike.

Of course this pathway to more consumer-driven content won’t be as simple for every business but there is often a way to make your output relevant to a wider audience. Check out this econsultancy article on B2B Twitter Winners.

Building a Community

The next step is to find other users of your chosen social media platform with similar interests…with a bit of luck these are the people who are going to find value in the content that you produce and share…and you in theirs. It’s all a big love-in.

This step takes a bit of work but is easier than it may seem. Smart use of relevant ‘hashtags’ will often highlight where your audience is and what they like to hear/read about. Failing that, you can always use Google Alerts to stay abreast of developments in your area of business and use them as a springboard for content.

Finding a happy medium between highly-technical ‘stuff’ and more consumable Tweets can also be tricky but I think we do a pretty decent job. Head over to the Ensign Twitter account and judge for yourself.

If You Can, Tweet!

By utilising Twitter in this way Ensign has found a channel for our technical expertise that moves beyond the realms of just our customers and looks to address the innovations, problems and developments of the networking world.

With rumours rife that the Google machine is set to add Twitter to it’s ever-expanding set of cogs, the platform looks to be heading for even headier heights.

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