Aruba Networks AP-103H: Cost Effective Hotel Wi-Fi

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The Aruba Networks AP-103H Wireless Access Point

I have been waxing lyrical about hotel, hospitality and guest Wi-Fi in my previous two (Here & Here) blog entries and I’m not ready to stop just yet.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Offering poor performing hotel Wi-Fi is far worse than offering no Wi-Fi service at all. Simply hanging a ‘Free Guest WiFi’ sign over the entrance is not enough, and could very well turn out to be a source of customer irritation, complaints and a tarnished reputation.

Not at all good for business.

Faster, Faster!

As we have explored on the pages of this blog many times, hotel guests (you and I) are invariably accustomed to ever-faster Wi-Fi speeds. Both our home and work networks are getting faster and thus, when on the move, we expect the same seamless browsing experience. This means that hotel networks – as well as those in holiday parks and hostels – must be able to facilitate video streaming, live chat applications, such as Skype and Facetime, as well as flawless web-surfing.

Of course, even the most primitive networks can support this with just one or two users, but this is rarely going to be the case within medium-to-high density hospitality Wi-Fi environments.

Sadly, this crucial slice of information is often overlooked.  Cheaper, store-bought, network hardware is preferred over a professional solution that has been designed specifically to cope with the demands of the environment; probably as a result of an assumed cost-benefit calculation.

However, when these ideas prevail, hotels will inevitably find disgruntled guests complaining about their disappointing Wi-Fi experience, one which they may have even paid an additional tariff to enjoy.

Supply and Demand

So it might be fair to say that the market is in need of – nay, crying out for – a solution; one that provides a functional yet cost-effective alternative to store-bought hardware at one end and premium enterprise hardware at the other.

Enter the Aruba Networks AP-103H – a wireless access point designed specifically to cope with moderately-dense Wi-Fi environments such as those in the hospitality sector.

Among a host of features, the AP-103H improves user experience with client optimisation for better roaming and security through advanced data encryption and policy enforcement.

Deployment of the Aruba AP-103H within hospitality environments will enable guests to browse securely at data rates of up to 300 Mbps whilst handing hoteliers a scalable guest Wi-Fi solution which can be easily installed and managed without dedicated IT resources.

Find out more about the Aruba AP-103H >

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