Staying Safe on Public WiFi

Date October 10, 2014 Author Comments 2 Comments Justin Pender

With every town centre and his dog now either already offering or planning to implement a free WiFi service, is Free Public Wi-Fi merely a gimmick or a modern-day necessity?   Step into my DeLorean as we travel back to 1991 and the invention of the first WiFi standard, 802.11 (and... View Article

Airport & Hotel WiFi Test: Part Two

Date October 9, 2014 Author Comments Leave your thoughts Gregg Meade

  Why is it that holidays require so much planning and preparation, and muster such excitement to warrant a ‘countdown’ weeks or even months before lift-off, yet on ones return they are forgotten almost the second rubber hits runway? Apparently I went to Mauritius a month ago, although to say... View Article