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Reducing Errors with Healthcare Barcode Technology

Date July 11, 2016 Author Comments Leave your thoughts Vicky Atherton

In a fast-paced, high-pressure, environment subject to ever-changing regulations and increasing public scrutiny, many NHS hospitals are looking to advancing barcode and scanning technologies to relieve pressure and to streamline their operations. Their ultimate goal in many cases is to increase productivity, collect more patient data, unify processes and to... View Article

RFID Tagging and Tracking in Healthcare

Date June 21, 2016 Author Comments Leave your thoughts Vicky Atherton

Hospitals are characterised by many things; not least a vast amount of essential consumable and often very expensive medical equipment. From infusion and feeding pumps to wheelchairs, crutches and high-tech monitors, ensuring hospital staff have access to the right equipment whenever they require is of optimum importance for overall performance... View Article

Guest Wi-Fi: It’s a No-Brainer

Date March 30, 2016 Author Comments Leave your thoughts Ian Price

Guest Wi-Fi – Of course it’s a good thing! Your Wi-Fi network (and your wired network for that matter) is to be cherished and protected from all those external users out there who might cause trouble – right? Maybe. More likely ‘No’ and almost certainly not ‘Yes’. Before we dive into... View Article